5 responses to “Embellishing with Tyvek”

  1. joanne

    wow !!! this is soooooooooooo awesome !!! i absolutely LOVE it. can’t wait to see what else you are doing with it.

  2. Lynda

    Wow! Great sunflower. It was nice to see you last night. Thank you very, very, much for the tripod.

  3. PJH

    Your sunflower is wonderful, perfection ~looks like the real deal ~ i would love to take the tyvek class from you especially if my finished project resembled yours. bravo! well done!

  4. Lynn

    Well done! Tyvek is something I haven’t fooled with yet but you make me want to give it a go with this piece, very nice!

  5. Fannie

    thanks for sharing, michele!

    happy easter to you and your family.

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