15 responses to “Mosaic Moon Shrine”

  1. ~*~ Patty

    What a wonderful creation! Every detail is super!!!!

  2. Linda

    Wow Michele, you have put so much thought and effort into this piece of artwork, its amazing! Thank you very much for joining in with our challenge….hope you’ll be back again for the next one!
    Linda x

  3. joanne

    that is just way cool…you are on a roll, girl !!

  4. Penny

    another creation by myc that is a wonderful work of art + radients so much joy!!

  5. Sandy

    Oh my gosh, this is absolutely stunning.
    Really great work. I love it.

  6. Viola

    Great work, Michele!!

  7. Sarah

    it’s beautiful!

    I’d love to see another pic of it in low light with the lights on, I bet it looks magical

  8. femmy


  9. Rosemary

    This is lovely, what a beautiful piece of art. I would love to see how it looks withe stars lit.

  10. Lynn

    This is wonderful!!! 🙂

  11. Diane

    Amazing, Michele! Diane

  12. Hermine

    Looks awesome

  13. MissyK

    Your Moon Shrine is brilliant. Fantastic detail.


  14. Mieke

    Wow LOVE IT!!!!

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