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  1. Slow-1

    Good to see you back posting again, I know the close ups are awesome as I’ve seen them first hand. :0

  2. Lynn

    This is soooooo cool!

  3. Thrift store foam makes the quilt · Quilting @ CraftGossip

    […] Michelle of Ey Embellishments blog made this Super Simple Stamps quilt using Fannie Carte’s method for creating stamps from scratch. Go here to give it a try. Go here to see the entire Stamps quilt and some closeups. Nice job. […]

  4. Scarlett Burroughs

    I linked to this post on my quilting blog at Craft Gossip. http://quilting.craftgossip.com/thrift-store-foam-makes-the-quilt/2009/08/22/

    Nice quilt, thanks for sharing your process.
    Scarlett Burroughs
    Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

  5. Fannie

    Very nice, Michelle!

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