Hallow Kitty

Halloween kitty in tortured Tyvek. Un-embellished version.

Tyvek project

Tyvek project

The kitty head was going to go onto a trick or treater body, but while cutting shapes out, I noticed the remainder scrap had a cat shape body to it, and changed my plans. The stripes on the cat face were from the hot iron. I liked the serendipity that the body already had stripes also.

3 responses to “Hallow Kitty”

  1. PJH

    I’ve been waiting for more of your tyvek creations! Origin of cat is genius! Your art is worth waiting for!

  2. tracyb

    I saw that Evie’s a rock star and got on the front cover of CPS, congrats to both of you!!!

  3. Leann

    This is a wonderful cat. I love the way he/she came about, kind of dictating him/herself to you. Excellent work.

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