6 responses to “meet Hobie Obie”

  1. Lynda

    It’s nice to meet you Hobie Obie. I especially enjoyed your first picture. I thought you must be gigantic! It looks like a beautiful day to be out in the country. Thank you also, for the birthday wishes. Tell Michele that I succeeded on having the birthday dinner that I was hoping for–a restaurant that I had not been to before, that I would really like, and close to home. YUM!

    Tell the other sibs hi from their fairy godmother, Lynda

  2. Slippee

    I’m speechless…and a little scared too…

  3. tracyb

    Hobie Obie (one) lol is awesome!! LOVE his colors!! And all of his wonderful swirls!! 🙂

  4. Lynn

    He is AWESOME!!!

  5. Leann

    Hobie Obie is wonderful. I’m glad to know ya, Obie!

  6. Fannie

    Nice to meet you, Hobie Obie. Stop by and visit anytime you’re in my area. I have lots of room for you to enjoy the sunshine among nature, but I don’t have rocks. Will bricks do? ;-D

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