Park remodel?

The sibs are marking the passage of time with photo-journaling the seasons in our local park. There was a bench that was Sis and Bro’s favorite spot. After at least 13 years, the park rangers removed it. WHAT? Why? How come? Breaking my little babies hearts.

5 responses to “Park remodel?”

  1. Lynn

    What a bummer! Maybe you should take a lawn chair to the part so bro and sis can sit on that.

  2. Leann

    Man, you can’t count on anything.

  3. Sloan

    Oh my gosh, how can something so sad be so funny? It looks like a sib CSI scene.

  4. Cathy Santarsiero

    Oh my God I love these. A lot. ^..^

  5. Cathy Santarsiero

    Sorry the bench is gone tho’

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