10 responses to “where is home?”

  1. joanne

    home is where you are loved and cherished. home is where you share your wildes dreams and imaginations,,,home is definitely the only place where you can be free…that is home.

  2. Kersten

    Gorgeous piece! 🙂

  3. femmy

    great!! love the colors!!

  4. Marie

    What a beautiful picture and what a lovely dream!! I live close to the coast in south-western Australia so there is a lot of sun, sand and sea. It is never really cold here, not even in winter, and snow is non-existent. Sometimes I think I would like a home where there are four seasons!! Mine just merge one into another with little difference to be seen in the countryside.

  5. Diane

    Simply gorgeous! Diane

  6. ~*~ Patty

    Lovely creation, each detail is so special 🙂

  7. Pumpkinfairy

    Great job on your home collage..very tropical and inviting!!

  8. faye

    What a wonderful art piece. The ceramic embellishments really are super.

  9. Beth

    It is beautiful, and the concept is wonderful.

  10. diane bouchard

    This is so sweet -i love the buttons!

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