2 responses to “Full time art making?”

  1. Fannie

    Hi, M~

    A downer, you’re not. Downers don’t create all those wonderful ceramic buttons with uplifting and thought-provoking messages that inspire all of us as we drool over your selections. ;-D

    I’ll take a look at your book recommendation.

    Glad you’re out of hibernation. Welcome Home!

  2. Lynn

    Hey there woman,

    My business was a victim of the economy BUT I chose to let it go because there were other major things in my life that took the front spot in the line. I think that if you found a book you think has good advice then I would really work on putting them into action.

    I also think its important to set small goals and strive to knock those off the list. Its easy to become overwhelmed when you look at the giant picture. Keep it in mind but break it down into smaller steps so you can go after what you want.

    You can do it!

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