Take a day off look what happens

How disd that hole get there?

How did that hole get there?

Ok, I like to give my family a day off and not come to the studio. However look what happens…This was because my brother and mother heard a weird buzzing noise in the wall. After cutting this ginormous hole in the wall they discovered the the worrisome¬† and dangerous culprit. A big ole horse fly stuck in the wall. What the heck, can’t leave them alone for one day and they chop the studio into pieces.

built in

built in

Luckily my brother knows how to make these built in wall niches and had a cool fix. What else goes on that I don’t know about is another question?

2 responses to “Take a day off look what happens”

  1. PJH

    must have been a CA horse fly ~ I like the final product, tho ~ great woodworking!

  2. tracyb

    I can just see them doing this, “what is that noise, wait, here, cut here”
    (I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying.)

    The end product is very nice though, I can see it being a place for a shrine for your art.

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